• Please cover me in prayer for a sciatica issue.
    I’ll be having physical therapy for the next 6 weeks.
  • I'm having a thyroid biopsy on April 2, 2024 at Greenville Memorial.
  • Please pray for my friend Dana's nephew Adam. Adam just started rehab for addiction. Adam needs to be saved and his home needs restoration.

    Please pray for Dana's grandson Hezekiah. He has learning disabilities and is struggling in school.
  • Praying fir a miracle that cancer goes in remission and for the safety, health and happiness of my family. Thank you Lord.
  • I asked for prayer last week for my wife Mindy.
    She is looking for a job. There have been some interviews and developments concerning a job she once had. Want to praise the lord for this and
    pray his will be done in this situation.
  • My mother Carolyn fell and broke her hip this morning.
    Will need surgery. Please pray for her. Thank you!
  • I am sooo much ashamed of sins of masturbation and watching pornography material and adultery and lieing and idolatry and worship of false idols. I wanted to free from this chains forever. Lord please help me with your mercy and grace..
  • She a diabetic and broke toe and leg has swollen and Doctors think she might be septic
  • She has alpha1 lung disease and has caught a virus and it’s attacking her breathing making oxygen level drop. She’s week and hurting in back and legs.
  • Please pray for little boy that fell into pool this afternoon. He has a heartbeat but not breathing on his own. He is going to be checked for brain activity now



  • Ann 1 week ago

    I had my thyroid biopsy yesterday and just got results. It is benign, Praise the Lord. Will ultrasound in one year.

  • Linda 2 weeks ago

    Dear Praise! Prayers Answered!

    Thank you so much. I received a beautiful apartment; received represenatation for 911 Victim Compensation Fund, and I am surviving working hundreds of hospital claims for those in Southern California. (The other SC!) Sending great thanks and returned prayers for those also in need.
    EveryDay Blessings, Linda

  • Alisa 3 weeks ago

    At my work, we have the opportunity of having a teacher come in and teach the residents about the Bible. The man is an excellent teacher. We usually hear him teaching at the nurses station. Wel my supervisor, the DON came over to me and was talking about his teaching like it was a fairytale, I didn't know what to say, so I just told her what he is teaching is the truth. She just kind of walked away but we have developed a good relationship since then. Even though I wasn't teaching the Bible, the Lord allowed me to tell someone else, "Yes it is the truth what he is saying. Praise Jesus, Our Savior and Lord. Just had to tell this because It was an honor to stand up for Jesus.